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Each Plexus module addresses a focused concern for the technical and organisational challenges of legal transformation. This means they can be adopted one at a time, or all together. Create and implement the legal strategy of your dreams with Plexus today.


Legal Automation

The world's most advanced Legal Automation Platform

Most Legal teams spend too much of their time on low risk, low value tasks, trapping capacity that could be spent on more strategic work.

By empowering the business to self-serve routine agreements and advice, lawyers are freed from the 'churn' work and can spend more of their time on the important stuff.

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Matter Management

The tools your team needs to help get stuff done faster

Improve the efficiency with which Legal is able to get its work done, with tools designed specifically for the in-house context.

Brief, triage, track, collaborate, search, store and report on all matters via a single integrated platform, while ensuring the right work gets to the right lawyer, seamlessly.

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Contract Management

All your legal information in one structured, searchable platform

Answer this question honestly. Within an hour can you access any contract in your business?

If your answer is not an emphatic ‘YES’, you have a big problem. You are putting your Legal function's value (not to mention your shareholders) at risk, and It’s probably time to think about centralising your system of record.

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Legal Secondments

World class legal talent, on demand

Plexus Lawyers bring deep commercial experience and business acumen to your team, quickly integrating into your organisation and its culture.

Hitting the ground running in a matter of days rather than weeks, Plexus Lawyers help you respond to the constant capacity and capability demands of an in-house team without adding to your permanent headcount.

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“Our goal has always been to work smarter, not harder, and that’s where we were looking at process improvements and efficiencies throughout the department.” - Marissa Corda, Global Head of Legal and Compliance at Sonnedix

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